Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Mar 24 2017

The Logistical Hassle Of Owning A Fighter Jet

Owning a fighter jet might seem like a lot of fun, but believe us… it’s a complete hassle.

Tesco parking spaces are nowhere near big enough.

They don’t make Haynes manuals for 1972 McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagles.

There’s nowhere to hang one of those pine-cone air freshener things. 

And perhaps most importantly, it’s pretty much impossible to tune in to Gold FM when you’re 40,000 feet up in the air.

So next time you have a spare few hundred thousand pounds burning a hole in your pocket, remember, fighter jets aren’t that great. You're better off just getting a bomber jacket really and being done with it. 

The Fighter Pilot wears...

  1. Engineered garments
    Aviator jacket
    Olive Flight sateen
    Size L
  2. Armor-Lux
    Mariniere Theviec
    Navy / Nature
    Size L
  3. Our Legacy
    Box Longsleeve
    Orchid Cotton / Linen Sweat
    Size S
  4. Orslow 107 Ivy Fit Jeans
    Size 2
  5. Norse Projects
    Bjarki Cotton Sport Socks
    Pale Blue
    One Size
  6. Converse
    1970s Chuck Taylor All Star
    Black / Egret / Black