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Deck~Out by Mike Fallows •

Carrier Bag Man

In Manchester (and presumably most ex-industrial cities in the north of England), there exists a certain species of humanoid often overlooked by mainstream media – the Carrier Bag Man.

Like some lost soul from a Lowry painting, these mysterious characters shuffle down dark alleyways with plastic bags clasped firmly in their fleshy talons. No one knows where they come from, no one knows where they’re going, and even less know what lies inside those mysterious polyethylene receptacles.

But things change, and thanks to the recent laws regarding supermarkets and plastic bags, the elusive carrier bag man has had to adapt to modern times. Shame really, Tote Bag Man doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

The Carrier Bag Man is 6'2" and wears…

  1. Adsum
    Coaches Jacket
    Size XL
  2. Adsum
    Work Shirt
    Brown Shirt
    Size XL
  3. A.P.C.
    T-Shirt Regular
    Size XL
  4. President's 
    Travel Trousers
    Army Green Cotton Nylon
    Size 34 / 32
  5. Polo Ralph Lauren 
    Classic Crew Socks
  6. Zespa
    ZSP 9 Trainers
    Size 10
  7. Ebbets Field Flannels
    Brushed Chino Twill Adjustable 6 Panel Cap
    Nautical Red
  8. Battenwear
    Oi Polloi Packable Tote
    Beige multi-ply taslan nylon / red

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There are no products in this collection... yet.

There are no products in this collection... yet.

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