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Deck~Out by Mike Fallows •

Señor Sierra

There’s plenty we could talk about here... the use of the humble unstructured baseball cap, the role of the tracksuit outside of the sporting realm, those knitted trainers — but what really interests us is the colour of that jacket.

Yep, your eyes don’t deceive you — it’s the exact shade of salmon that red Ford Sierras used to go after a few years parked in the sun outside your uncle’s terraced house back in the pre-scrappage-scheme glory days when the streets were lined with clapped-out, Mad Max style bangers and a single key could unlock a thousand cars.

Oh, yeah… good outfit too.

Senor Sierra is 6'4" and wears…

  1. Stone Island
    Light Cotton Nylon Twill Jacket
    Size XL
  2. adidas
    X by O Crew
    Medium Grey Heather
    Size M
  3. Carhartt WIP
    Pocket T-Shirt
    Size M
  4. adidas
    X by O Sweatpant
    Medium Grey Heather
    Size M
  5. Polo Ralph Lauren 
    Classic Crew Socks
  6. adidas
    EQT Support Ultra PK
    Vintage White / White / Core Black
    Size 9
  7. Polo Ralph Lauren 
    Classic Sport Cap
    White / Marlin Blue

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