Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Jan 27 2017

Same as it ever was

In the six or seven years since we started doing these Deck~Out things, a fair bit has changed on planet earth.

Hand-held devices have replaced human contact, people happily consume mysterious green sludge drinks every morning, and perhaps most devastatingly… that 24 hour café next to Piccadilly Station is now a Waitrose. It certainly is a strange new world we live in.

Although saying that, here’s Deck~Out No.300. What’s he wearing? Some sort of exoskeletal armour against this dystopian hell humanity has created? Nah, just a green over-shirt, some brown cords and a pair of Clarks... some things never change.

No.300 is 6'2" and wears…

  1. Engineered Garments
    BDU Jacket
    Olive Coated Linen
    Size L
  2. Our Legacy
    1950s Shirt
    Orchid Cotton / Linen
    Size XL
  3. Levi's Vintage Clothing
    1960s White Tab Cords
    Size 34 / 30
  4. Folk
    Waffle Socks
  5. Clarks Originals
    Fudge Suede
    Size 10
  6. Norse Projects
    Light Faux Suede Flat Cap