Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Jan 13 2017


Nothing to do with that mad Korean film with the unlucky octopus, this Oldboy is exactly that… a boy who is old before his time. That’s not to say he’s boring or anything, he just skipped the young and impressionable years and found what he likes in life. Like golf caps, relaxing cotton smocks, and really comfortable trainers.

He also knows loads about mortgages and insurance, but we try not to get him talking about that.

Oldboy is 5'10" and wears…

  1. Armor-Lux
    Vareuse Port Manech
    Size 3
  2. Maillot
    Border Short Sleeve T-Shirt
    Size 3
  3. A.P.C.
    Chino Classique West
    Gris Clair
    Size 30
  4. Polo Ralph Lauren
    Classic Crew Socks
  5. Nike
    Summit White / White / Off White
    Size 8
  6. Polo Ralph Lauren
    Classic Sport Cap
    White / Marlin Blue
  7. G-Shock
    DW-5600M-8ER Watch
    Light Grey