Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Nov 11 2016

Snowed In

Trapped in the post office… snow showing no signs of slowing down… not sure how long I’ll last in here… only popped in for a Jiffy Bag… been licking stamps to survive… the glue makes my tongue feel weird… not a bad diet though… think I’ve lost about a stone… glad I’m wearing comfortable trainers… been stood up for weeks now… why doesn’t this place have chairs? Playing ‘I spy’ is getting a bit dull… E is always for envelope… and O is always for onvelope… not even sure if that’s a real word… look like the snow is melted now… might stay here though… wouldn’t want to lose my place in the queue. 

This chap is 5'10"" and wears...

  1. Holubar
    Mike Jacket
    Dark Blue
    Size 4
  2. orSlow 
    Button Down Shirt
    Size 2
  3. Norse Projects
    Niels Cotton Linen Stripe Tee
    Size XL
  4. Manastash
    Flex Climb Pants
    Size Medium
  5. Wigwam
    All Weather Socks
    Blue Heather
  6. Reebok
    Revenge Plus Vintage
    Paperwhite / Collegiate Royal
    Size UK 8
  7. A Kind Of Guise
    Babak Beanie
  8. Royal Speyside
    Lambswool Scarf
    Dark Green