Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Oct 28 2016

The Cop-Out

There’s always one isn’t there? You spend weeks crafting the perfect 'wooden-effigy-from-the-last-scene-in-The-Wicker-Man' costume out of old fence-posts and twigs found in the park, and then someone strides into the Halloween party wearing their normal gear, making some weak excuse about how the fancy dress shop was closed. Useless.

Although saying that, five hours into the night when you still haven’t managed to work out how to open your first bottle of beer with those daft wooden hands you insisted on making, you’ll probably wish you were a cop-out too.

The party pooper is 6'2" and wears...

  1. Our Legacy
    Puffed Parka
    Nicotine Tech
    Size XL
  2. Shetland Woollen Co.
    Crew Neck Pullover
    Burnt Umber
    Size XL
  3. Our Legacy
    1950s Shirt
    Nicotine H.A. Oxford
    Size XL
  4. Edwin
    ED-47 Regular Straight Jeans
    Dry 14oz Red Selvage Denim
    Size 34/32
  5. Beams Plus
    Schoolboy Socks
    White / Grey
  6. G.H. Bass & Co.
    Camp Moc Ranger Pull Up
    Dark Brown Leather
    Size UK 10