Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Sep 02 2016

The Real Slim Suedey

You’ve heard of Slim Shady, now tune your C.B. radio to the smooth sounds of the Real Slim Suedey—the cowboy-come-crooner who’s penchant for luxurious suede jackets and home-cooked country music is taking the Colorado trucker bar scene by storm.

Unlike his yellow-haired, motor-mouthed namesake, this upstanding gentleman prefers slow ballads about spittoons and sarsaparilla to controversial skits and swear words. He’s also never been sued by his mum for slander.

He does own a chainsaw though, but it’s mainly for chopping down trees for firewood during the winter.

And John Wayne said? Nothing you idiot… John Wayne’s dead.

Slim Suedey is 6'2" and wears...

  1. Levi’s
    Type 3 Sherpa Trucker Jacket
    (Camel Suede)
    Size M
  2. Schnayderman’s
    Leisure Tube One Shirt
    (Steel Blue)
    Size XL
  3. Sunspel
    Crew Neck T-Shirt
    Size XL
  4. Levi’s
    501 CT Jeans
    (Rosebowl Denim)
    Size 34/32
  5. Clarks Originals
    Wallabee Boot
    (Bronze Suede)
    Size UK 10
  6. Fjällräven
    Byron Hat