Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Aug 05 2016

The Drumstick Devotee

The day the drumstick devotee's dreams dissolved.

He arrived for the interview early, his answers were text book when quizzed about the delicate balance of milk and raspberry, his opinions on chew-ability were compelling and he was really dressed the part… or was he?

He left the interview in high spirits, landing this job would be such a sweet deal, but little did he know, President of the Drumstick Lolly Appreciation Society would forever be out of his grasp.

For you see, the devil is in the detail, never attend an interview for President of the Drumstick Lolly Appreciation Society in a pair of Parma Violet pumps.

The drumstick devotee is  6'4" and wears...

  1. Maison Kitsune
    Lambswool Classic Cardigan
    Size XL
  2. Folk
    Contrast Sleeve Tee
    (Dust Pink)
    Size 4
  3. Dickies
    873 Slim Straight Work Pants
    Size 30/32
  4. Folk
    Waffle Socks
    (Soft Pink)
  5. Converse
    1970s Chuck Taylor All Star Ox
    (Frozen Lilac)
    Size UK 8