Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Sep 29 2017


Life is needlessly complicated these days. At every turn, we're constantly enslaved by our own freedom and choice; we can never pick what we want to eat, we can't settle down, we can't figure out what any of this means. We live in a French philosopher's nightmare world.

But it doesn't need to be like this. Meet Local Blokeington, also known as Regular Geezer, also known as Normal Guy, also known as Keith.

He walks into a pub, he orders lager. No fancy mixed drinks, no wine, no bloody crisps, just lager. He takes one sugar in his tea, with a splash of milk. He likes his steak well done. Whenever he goes out to eat, he eats at whatever restaurant is closest to him. He wears crisp Ralph rugby shirts because come on we all deserve a little luxury, even regular geezers.

He proves that life doesn't need to be a constant stream of frustrating and confusing opportunities that we have to mull over, causing crippling and rampant indecision. In these contemporary times of phones that can order food, find potential mates and everything in between, cobbled together with people who haven't a clue what they want, it's comforting to know there's someone out there that doesn't fuss about.

In these extraordinary days, being ordinary is something to be coveted. Local Blokeington thinks, there for his is. Not only is he a continental philosophers dream boy, but he's an example to us all. 


    1. Holubar
      Mike Jacket
      Dark Blue
      Size L
    2. Polo Ralph Lauren
      Rugby Shirt
      French Navy / Green
      Size M
    3. A Kind Of Guise
      Kaschgai Trousers
      Reed Cord
      Size 33
    4. Wigwam
      Cypress Socks
      White / Black
      Size M
    5. Adidas 
      Swift Run PK
      White / Off White / Core Black
      Size 8
    6. Battenwear
      Field Cap
      Sky Blue
      One Size