Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Feb 19 2016

The Dangers of Superglue

One minute you’re sat casually constructing a scale model of Forton Services (on the M6, just past junction 32) out of matchsticks, the next, you’re stood with your hands glued firmly into the pockets of your fancy jacket.

You can’t phone for help... you can’t log on to the superglue help forum... you can’t even reach forward, pick up one of those matchsticks from the table and use it to create a smoke signal alerting your neighbours to your plight. You will die cold and alone, lying starved on the floor surrounded by craft supplies.

This could happen to anyone, this could happen to you—please, please be careful when messing around with superglue. Or better yet, just stop being a weirdo making models of motorway rest-stops.

The model maker is 6'0" and wears...

  1. A Kind Of Guise Fontana Mac
    Size L
  2. National Athletic Goods ¼ Zip Campus Sweat
    (Mid Grey)
    Size 42
  3. A Kind of Guise Mindelo T-Shirt
    Size 3
  4. Edwin Classic Regular Tapered Jeans
    (Raw State Rainbow Selvage Japan Denim)
    Size 34/32
  5. Anonymous Ism 5 Colour Mix Socks
    (Green / Yellow)
  6. Eastland Fletcher 1955 Camp Moc Oxfords
    (Peanut Leather)
    Size 8