Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Jan 29 2016

Horace Zandzibar — The Sandchild Chronicles

Here’s a good idea for some rubbish sci-fi novels. The year is 2174, and for no real reason there’s loads of sand everywhere. An evil overlord with a stupid name like Count Snorku or Lord Dorgor or something has stockpiled all of Earth’s water (even the fizzy stuff), meaning 98% of the population are really, really thirsty and have dead dry mouths.

There is only one hope for the world, Horace Zandzibar, a dim-witted farm boy, who, although stupid, has been chosen ‘by destiny’ to kill the evil overlord and bring water and happiness back to the planet.

Throw in an annoying, wisecracking side-kick (maybe a giant talking rat?), a few steamy scenes featuring scantily clad village women and some sort of thinly veiled environmental message and we’re on to a winner. Just a shame it’s not 1972 eh?

Horace is 5'10" and wears...

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