Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Dec 04 2015

Chris Tmas

We know what you’re thinking with this one — isn’t it a bit early for the festivities? Well, we wish that was the case, but he’s been like this all year. Whilst Wizzard just wished it could be Christmas everyday, this lad went one step further and extended the 12 days of Christmas to a nice, round 365. 

He eats mince pies on Pancake Day, he spends his summer holidays in Lapland and he refuses to open his post until every member of his family has finished their dinner and is sat tentatively around his front room wearing those weird paper crowns that you get in crackers. 

Dogs aren’t just for Christmas, and seemingly, neither is Christmas. 

Chris is 5'10" and wears...

  1. Gloverall Original Monty Duffle Coat
    Size Small
  2. Jamieson’s Brushed Lambswool Fair Isle Knit
    (Granite Multi)
    Size 42
  3. Gitman Vintage Button Down Shirt
    (White Oxford)
    Size Large
  4. Dockers Alpha Khaki Slim Tapered Cords
    (Mountain View)
    Size 32 / 32
  5. New Balance M997CSIY Made In USA
    (Red / Navy)
    Size UK 8