Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Nov 20 2015

Das Wunderkind

This lad here is one of those whizz-kids you used to hear about on Newsround every now and again.

He passed his G.C.S.Es when he was three, he did a P.H.D. when he was six and by the time he was nine? Well, by the time he was nine he’d already penned a popular rock opera, become the first person to walk to the South Pole with his eyes closed and discovered a new species of plankton living in the guttering outside his house. Like a young Keith Flint, he’s what you’d call a child prodigy.

 Alright, he may not have had a real childhood, he’s never played football and doesn’t know how to laugh, but he’s not bothered — he’s 20 and he’s already retired — Saga holidays await!

The wonder child is 6'4" and wears...

  1. Nanamica Down Coat
    Size Large
  2. Industry Of All Nations Alpaca Crewneck Moulinex
    (White / Grey)
    Size Large
  3. orSlow Button Down Shirt
    Size 4
  4. Anonymous Ism 3 Line Slub Crew Socks
    (Off White)
    One Size
  5. New Balance M575SGG Made in England
    Size UK 8
  6. M.W.C. G10BH 12/24 50m Water Resistant Military Watch
    (Black PVD Steel)