Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Oct 30 2015

The Mummy

As you’re probably aware, Oi Polloi’s Manchester HQ was built slap-bang on top of an Ancient Egyptian burial chamber. This doesn’t really effect day-to-day operations too much, but every now and again this dusty old chap will wander up through the basement and into the shop. He might frighten the customers a bit, and one of his arms might fall off, but apart from that he’s not a bad lad really.

He’ll tell us stories about plagues of locusts and ancient pharaohs, and we’ll bore him with facts about selvedge denim. To be honest, we haven’t really got much in common, what with him being over 2000 years old, but there is one thing we can agree on — Birkenstocks. 

As you’re probably aware, mummies love Birkenstocks. 

The Mummy is 5'5" and wears...

  1. Norse Projects Norse Beanie
    One Size
  2. Vintage Egyptian Mummy Bandages
    One Size
  3. Patagonia Lightweight Merino Crew Socks
    (Park stripe / Pearl)
    Size Small
  4. Birkenstock Arizona SL Sandals
    (White Birko-Flor / Blue)
    Size EU 41