Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Sep 11 2015


For hundreds of years, chin-stroking scholarly types have mulled over the meaning of that old time folk toe-tapper known as Greensleeves. Some reckon Henry VIII wrote it in a rare bout of poetic whimsy, some think it’s a sorrowful lament for lost love and some think it’s about nature and plants and things like that. 

So what is Greensleeves really about? Well, the clue is in the name — it’s about this man here and his green sleeves. Simple really. 

Similarly, I am the Walrus was actually about how John Lennon was actually a large marine mammal all along.

Greensleeves is 5'10" and wears...

  1. Battenwear Cargo Coat
    (Olive Reverse Military Cotton Sateen)
    Size M
  2. Tender Long Sleeve Butterfly Shirt
    (Ochre Calico)
    Size 3
  3. Sassafras Nasafras T-Shirt 
    (White / Red Single Yarn Cotton)
    Size L
  4. Edwin ED-55 Relaxed Tapered Jeans
    (Dry 14oz Red Selvage Denim)
    Size 32 / 32
  5. Anderson's Woven Textile Belt
    Size 36 
  6. Folk Waffle Socks
    Size 40 - 43
  7. Clarks Wallabee
    (Sand Suede)
    Size 8