Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Aug 07 2015

The Bodywarmer Debate

Since the dawn of time man has found things to disagree with other men about. Is the world flat, or is it round? Is god an old man with a long, white beard, or is he an elephant with loads of arms? Is it a roll, or is it a barmcake?

But by far the most fiercely debated of all these debates, has to be, without doubt, the matter of what to call those sleeveless-jackety-type-things as worn by that man above. Is it a bodywarmer, a vest or one of those dead exotic sounding gilets?

Call us crazy, but we believe that one day, somewhere in the distant future, the world will come together in harmony, join hands and decide what to call these things. Until then, who knows? And what are those on his feet? Pumps or plimsolls? Or could they be tennis shoes?

The warm bodied man is 6' and wears...

  1. Patagonia Down Sweater Vest
    (Navy Blue)
    Size M
  2. Gitman Vintage Button Down Shirt
    (White Oxford)
    Size L
  3. Norse Projects Marvin Light Denim Shorts
    Size 34"
  4. Norse Projects Bjarki Summer Towelling Socks
  5. Novesta Star Dribble
    Size 8
  6. Garrett Leight Harding Sunglasses
    (Champagne / Pure Green)
  7. Fjallraven Duffel No.5