Oi Polloi


Published: Fri May 29 2015

The day the rich man went to the beach

We will never forget the day that the rich man went to the beach. No one knew who he was or what he did for a living, but just by looking at his casual over-the-shoulder jumper placement, everyone knew he was dead, dead rich. 

He didn’t say anything, and apart from eating caviar out of an ice cream cone and staring wistfully into the ocean, he didn’t really do anything. But that didn’t matter — he was a real life rich man, sat on the beach like everyone else. Yep, it was a really great day. 

He never did come back, but some say that on certain nights, if you listen really closely, you can still hear the sound of crisp fifty pound notes rustling around in immaculately pressed cotton shorts.

The rich man is 6'4" and wears...

  1. Ray-Ban Round Eye Sunglasses
    (Gold / Classic Green G-15)
  2. Remi Relief Indigo Line Crew Neck Sweatshirt
    (Off White)
    Size XL
  3. Anatomica Short Sleeve Button Down Pullover Shirt
    Size M
  4. Engineered Garments Cambridge Shorts
    (Dark Navy High Count Twill)
    Size M
  5. Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Crew Socks
  6. Teva Beauty & Youth Hurricane XLT
    Size 8
  7. Norse Projects Aksel Porter Nylon
    (California Blue)