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The Eurovision Clothes Contest

Picture of a man wearing French clothes with a French bulldog called Claude.

Fans of the Eurovision Song Contest will be pleased to hear that there’s another culturally significant Euro-centric competition on the scene — the Eurovision Clothes Contest.

As you’ve probably guessed, it’s pretty much exactly the same as the song contest, but with clothes instead of songs. The contest debuted earlier this year in a disused chemical factory in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and was, by all accounts, a rip-roaring success.

Above you may have noticed France’s entry. An early favourite thanks to his laid back, casual style and novel use of domesticated animals, he was eventually pipped to the post by Greece’s ingenious entry — a goat wearing a hat.

It’s safe to say we’re already excited about next year’s contest.

France’s entry is 5'10 and wears...

  1. Arpenteur Plousecat Hat
    (Washed Indigo Cotton / Linen Denim) 
    Size M
  2. Arpenteur Mayenne Jacket
    (Washed Indigo Cotton / Linen Denim)
    Size M
  3. La Panoplie Sweat Jacquard
    Size M
  4. Lacoste Pique Polo
    Size 4
  5. Anatomica Sweat Pants
    (Heather Grey)
    Size S
  6. Spring Court G2 Classic Canvas
    Size EU 42

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