Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Apr 26 2013

The Bumper Book of Silly Jokes

This Deck-Out yarn is a gritty, real-life tale that took place on the wind-battered Furness Peninsula... Back in school most teachers wandered around with briefcases, but it always seemed a bit weird that the teacher who wandered around with the biggest briefcase was the technology teacher. What was he carrying? The bastard files and ball peen hammers were stored majestically on the wall, so it couldn’t have been them. After much goading the mystery of the big briefcase was revealed — to be fair there was about two sheets of A4 paper that related to actual schoolwork — but there it was, a primary coloured, extra-large copy of The Bumper Book of Silly Jokes. No wonder those one-liners came thick and fast. Now we can’t say for certain what this sharp young lad is carrying in that luxurious Calabrese laptop bag, but seeing as the last laptop he owned was a VTech Learning Station, we’d like to think we knew the answer.