Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Dec 19 2014

Three Cheers for the Christmas Tree Farmer

This Deck~Out is dedicated to that unsung hero of the festive period — the Christmas Tree farmer. Whilst you spend your December sitting in the comfort of your home watching hard-hitting ITV dramas, this lot are working around the clock to make sure nothing will come in the way of you having a massive pine tree in the middle of your living room.

Is there too much nitrogen in the soil? Is there not enough nitrogen in the soil? Will an infestation of Balsam woolly adelgids spell disaster for this year’s crop? In this business success dances precariously on a razor’s edge and one false move could ruin December 25th for everyone.

So next time you’re standing hand in hand with your beautiful wife and your beautiful children around that beautiful tree on that beautiful Christmas morning, spare a thought for the people out there who make this scene possible. And remember, Christmas trees don’t grow on trees you know.