Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Nov 28 2014

The Stereotypical Frenchman

Does your life lack garlic? Do your ears long for the soothing sound of the accordion? Do you enjoy being around people who think they’re superior to you? Well, worry no more, the people who brought you The Outdated Bavarian and The Clichéd American Tourist are proud to present The Stereotypical Frenchman.

Available for wedding receptions, corporate events or just dull evenings when there’s nothing on the telly, this fully trained Frenchman — with over five years of experience in the field — is guaranteed to add a bit of Gallic arrogance to any situation.

Gasp joyfully as he juggles onions, laugh uncomfortably as he spills wine on your carpet and punch him square in the jaw as he tries to cop-off with your girlfriend.