Oi Polloi


Published: Thu Sep 04 2014

The Portable Sweat Lodge™

A sweat lodge is traditionally a dome-shaped hut used by Native Americans for ceremonial steam baths and prayer. By pouring water on hot rocks the hut is filled with steam, causing the inhabitants to sweat and release harmful toxins from the body. This is all well and good, but in today’s hectic world who has time to build and maintain a fully functioning sweat lodge? With that in mind, we’re proud to present the world’s first Portable Sweat Lodge™. Yes that’s right, by wearing a down jacket fully buttoned up in early September you too can enjoy ritual purification on the go. For best results we recommend wearing your Portable Sweat Lodge™ in the passenger seat of a parked car with the windows up and the heaters on full blast in the middle of the day.
Oi Polloi will not be held responsible for fainting and sweat-soaked t-shirts.