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Deck~Out by Mike Sallabank •

That lad from that boy band

Wouldn’t it be good to be that lad from that boy band? You know, that boy band who do that song that’s always on the radio? Just imagine how great it would feel to be mobbed by thousands of strangers every time you went to Morrisons. Just think of all the cool new people who would suddenly start hanging around with you once you started making money. And just envision how happy you’d be every time you read a new rumour about yourself in the newspaper. Yep, we sure do wish we were that lad from that boyband.

  • Folk Ribs Jumper (Soft Lilac)
  • Our Legacy 1940s Button Down Shirt (Heavy White Oxford)
  • C.P. Company Double Pocket Zip Overshirt (Midnight)
  • Our Legacy First Cut (Raw Blue)
  • Spalwart Special Mid (White)

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