Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Jun 20 2014

That wonderful goat

A lot of people who live around here have pets, but it still seemed a bit weird when the family next door pulled up with a goat in their boot. At first old women shuffled their curtains in disbelief and strong men shook their fists in anger, but it wasn’t long until the goat was a respected resident. In fact, that little fella’ brought the whole street together. Before he arrived everybody kept themselves to themselves, but his bright eyes and infectious bleat soon brought everyone out of their living rooms and onto the cobbled streets. So it was a sad day for everyone when he went missing. No matter how many posters we pasted on to lampposts, and how many appeals we made on the radio, we never did find out where he went. In other news, did you notice that nice goat-suede jacket the butcher was wearing yesterday? What a lovely jacket.