Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Feb 21 2014

The Caravan Man: Part 1

Before we settle down to part one of this bumper, three-part edition of the Deck~Out, we feel it’s important to give you a bit of context, so as to understand the ‘themes, moods and motifs’ we’re working with and all that. Okay, those Clarks this chap is wearing (which are on sale on Thursday 27th of February, by the way), are based on a shoe from the archives known as the Caravan. Now we’ve got that out the way, pull up that chair and listen in…

Caravan parks are strange places. You never know who you’re going to be pitched-up next to, and you never quite know how long you’re going to be next to them for. You can be parked-up next to the most respectable person on earth for one night, only to spend the next week surrounded by neighbours from hell. Such is the nature of the caravan site. On this particular occasion, we thought we’d done well. Seeing as it was February, we had the place to ourselves. Well, we say that — but there was that man who was parked on the other side of the park, right down near the river. He seemed quiet, he seemed content, he seemed like the sort of person who liked to keep himself to himself. It wasn’t until the third day we’d been there that he acknowledged us at all… TO BE CONTINUED