Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Jan 10 2014

Man in Diner #3

With over 200 of these ‘Deck~Out’ things under our belts, you might think we sometimes struggle for reference points. Not true — whilst we admit that we’ve probably milked the obvious ones like Serpico and the like, enough films have been made to give us material for at least another five thousand of these. So what’s this one based on then? Well, this mighty fine outfit is a nod to a character known as ‘Man in Diner #3’ from the straight to VHS turkey — ‘Crazy-Hog’. It wasn’t a speaking role, all he did was sit there, eat a sandwich and take a slow sip of his coffee, but anyone who’s seen the film will attest that he looked pretty cool doing it. And before you try and search for ‘Crazy-Hog’ on IMDB, don’t bother — it only exists in the darkest recesses of our mind.