Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Nov 22 2013

The Quest for the Navy Fleece

Everyone likes a modern day remake of a classic. Replace castles for council flats, swap fighting for ‘contemporary street dance’ and then hire Damon Albarn to do the soundtrack and you’re halfway there. With that in mind, Oi Polloi is proud to present our modern day reimagining of Apollonius Rhodius’s Ancient Greek blockbuster, Jason and the Argonauts. We were planning on staying faithful to the original text, but as none of us can read the Greek alphabet, we sacked it off. Now it’s about someone getting the bus in to town and buying a Penfield fleece from the shop. But with loads of swearing. And drugs references. And edgy cutaway shots to graffiti and urban decay. We’ve heard Channel 4 are interested…