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Deck~Out by Mike Sallabank •

Paul the Pigeon

Eddy the Eagle? Yeah, he was alright, but he’s wasn’t a patch on Paul the Pigeon, perhaps the most graceful ski jumper to hail from Manchester. Admittedly, there aren’t that many ski jumpers to hail from Manchester, but that’s besides the point — when this guy caught the breeze right you’d swear he was more bird than man. Okay, his record breaking jump was only four feet long, but you try ski jumping when there’s no snow around and the closest thing you can find to skis are two scaffolding boards tied to your feet with frayed starter cables.

  • C.P. Company Canvas 1970's Parka (Green)
  • Andersen - Andersen Symmetrical Navy Crew Neck (Off White)
  • Universal Works Pocket Tee (Burgundy Single Jersey)
  • Fracap Otto Boot (Tan Grain Leather)
  • OrSlow Slim Fit Painter Pant (Beige Cord)
  • Chamula Double Cuff Cap (Brown)
  • Barbour Leather Travel Explorer (Dark Brown)

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