Oi Polloi


Published: Wed Oct 23 2013

Roy G Biv’s Rainbow Factory

After a series of botched interviews, you were starting to think you’d never enter the wonderful world of work again. You didn’t have the qualifications to be a digital scaffolding consultant, you weren’t creative enough be a sandwich artist and you’d never even heard of an online hospitality sherpa. But just when you’d given up all hope, a multi-coloured pop-out advert in the back of the newspaper caught your eye. There it was, written in bright yellow Comic Sans, ROY G BIV NEEDS YOU. NO INTERVIEW REQUIRED. HEAD DOWN TO THE RAINBOW FACTORY (unit 7 of the Cedar Banks Industrial Park) TO START IMMEDIATELY. It didn’t say much, but what it did say was enough to make you drop your newspaper, hop on your bicycle and pedal right on down to the Rainbow Factory. You got the job, and before you knew it, your first week had begun. On Monday you were trekking to the jungle to search for tropical turkeys, on Wednesday you were firing Skittles from the roof with a paintball gun and by Friday you’d been given the keys to the rainbow rumpus room. Alright, you only get paid minimum wage, but at least you get to drive the company hot air balloon.