Oi Polloi


Published: Wed Sep 18 2013

John and his Technicolor dream cardigan

It’s been a while since we sat down by the three-bar heater, put our feet up and read the Book of Genesis, but if we remember right, the story of Joseph and his Technicolor dream coat goes something like this… After being given a coat of many colours by his dad, Joseph’s brothers rightly get a bit jealous, so they steal his coat, throw him in a pit and then sell him off as a slave. They also douse his jacket in goat’s blood. Joseph is then wrongly accused of rape and imprisoned, before predicting correctly that the world is going to endure seven years of famine. The lesser told story of John and his Technicolor dream cardigan on the other hand is much more pleasant — he treats himself to a fancy cardigan and it keeps him warm and looking good. No dodgy musicals either.