Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Sep 13 2013

The mystery of the man in the massive Fjällräven jacket

This chap comes in the shop fairly often, and for a while he was a real mystery. “Who is he? Where did he come from? Why’s he always wearing so many clothes?” we mused. It wasn’t long before the cogs started turning in the rumour mill. Some thought he was the illustrious Benedict Carlton Holmes, a world-renowned Arctic explorer who’d lost his mind after a particularly painful brain-freeze. Some had heard he was a devious masochist who got his kicks sweating his back out wearing big down jackets in saunas. Others were more forgiving, and reasoned he was a sensible clothes wearer getting himself sorted for winter. All the Chinese whispering was finally put to rest during our weekly big shop at Hulme Asda. Yep, it turns out the mysterious man in the massive Fjällräven jacket just works in the frozen department and doesn’t like being cold. Bit of a disappointment really…