Oi Polloi


Published: Thu Aug 08 2013

The Vocal Cords (an Oi Polloi advertorial)

We’re not really into advertising, marketing and the corporate machine, but when a record company big wig strode into our shop, slipped crisp fifty pound notes into our shirt-pockets and then started telling us about his hot new signing, we were instantly enthralled. So without further ado, Oi Polloi are proud to introduce The Vocal Cords — an a cappella band with a twist. What’s the twist? Well are you sitting down? Not only do they rely solely on the power of the human voice, but they do this whilst wearing impeccable cord jackets. The next Mumford and Sons? Bigger than Keane? The rightful heirs to Toploader’s throne? Bold statements we’re sure you’ll agree — UNTIL YOU HEAR THEIR MUSIC. Talking of their music, The Vocal Cords’ new album, Strike a Cord (With Me) is available to pre-order on limited edition 180g corduroy LP right now.