Oi Polloi


Published: Fri May 24 2013

Blankety Blank

Ever wanted to write your own Deck~Out? Well now you can, courtesy of Deck~Out Blankety Blank. Born and raised in BLANK, the chap was always a bit of a BLANK. All those nights spent watching episode after episode of BLANK had clearly gone to his BLANK. Driving around the streets of BLANK in his fully customised BLANK, he was known to shout “BLANK BLANK BLANK” at the top of his voice, even with a mouthful of BLANK. After gaining a bit of a name for himself as the BLANK answer to BLANK, he soon graduated to the world of BLANK, and could always be seen decked~out in the latest BLANK from BLANK, and only the best pair of BLANKS. But then again, he always was a bit of a BLANK.