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Deck~Out by Mike Sallabank •

Fireman Sam

Vertigo-stricken and phobic to fire, our man Sam still harbours wishes to be a firefighter. It’ll never happen though, damn his genes. Instead of bombing up and down ladders with a hosepipe or rescuing cats from trees, he instead throws on a mix of orange and red and takes to the dance-floor. He’s the North West disco dancing champ five years running and while his old knees are creaking somewhat, he’s still more than capable of creating a disco inferno.

  • Stone Island Long Sleeve Shirt (Chambray)
  • Universal Works Bike Jacket (Orange Nylon)
  • Armor-Lux Théviec (Navy / Ecru)
  • Engineered Garments Fatigue Short (Red Cotton Ripstop)
  • New Balance M998GGO (Grey / Charcoal / Orange)

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