Oi Polloi


Published: Thu May 02 2013

Jazzy Geoff

No, not that one. This is Geoff, an IT expert who is secretly a big noise in the Jazz world. He runs a famed underground club which is so secret nobody knows where it is. If you know the magic word (It’s “Unix”) then you’re halfway to being granted access. His day job belies his night time persona, he’s a cool cat alright. By day he tells people called “Sheena” to “turn it off and back on again” but by night, well, he just does a hell of a lot of smug winking, smoking and referring to everyone as “Daddio”. He also wears shades indoors. He knows this is not cool but the fact he doesn’t care for convention actually makes him cool enough to do it. Even though he can’t really see.