Oi Polloi


Published: Thu May 02 2013

Breaking Brad

This guy was recently diagnosed with a rare form of the giggles. It’s a case so severe that it goes beyond the boundaries of wetting himself – he could eventually expire at the hands of his laughing habit. One thing which doesn’t make him laugh is the thought of his faithful mutt being left to fend for himself so Brad has taken to operating just outside the lines of the law to ensure a stockpile of steak is left for his pedigree chum when the time comes. Brad spends his weekends driving out to the solitude of the Peak District in his camper van, where he cooks up the purest Angel Delight known to man. This stuff is weapons grade or something. It’s actually illegal. With angry supermarkets hot on his trail not to mention the law, what will become of him, and more importantly, what about little Claude?