Oi Polloi


Published: Thu Apr 11 2013

Dr. Klaus Erlichmann

Picture this scene. The year is 1974. Whilst living on the outskirts of a small Bavarian town you’ve been struck down with a mysterious illness and call upon the help of the local doctor. Having never met him, you’re apprehensive —will he be awkward, helpful, curt or kind? Your doorbell rings, but on answering the door there’s no one in sight. You return to your sofa only to be greeted by a tall, bespectacled man looming over you. After looking over you for a brief moment, he places his leather bag down on the table and starts rifling through the contents. “Ja… ja… schon… naturliche…” he mumbles as he slowly pulls out a stick of liquorice root, the skull of a small bird and a stiff, stale piece of local stollen bread. He turns back towards you, smiles and then steps easily out of your open window. You’ve just been visited by Dr. Klaus Erlichmann, and before you know it, you’ll forget you ever had an illness in the first place.