Oi Polloi


Published: Thu Apr 11 2013

The Return of the Daz Doorstep Challenge

Since Shane Richie went on to bigger and better things, the shady characters behind Daz laundry detergent have been scouring high and low for someone to continue his legacy on the Daz Doorstep Challenge, and now, after much deliberation, they’ve found him. With his cocky demeanor, winning smile and whiter-than-white trousers, he’s just the man for knocking on the front doors of the general public and then making them sort through their dirty y-fronts live on TV. UPDATE After only three days filming for the resurrected Daz Doorstep Challenge, Shane Richie’s replacement had his Dockers mauled by a particularly aggressive French bulldog, putting a stop to the filming and leaving the future of the advertising campaign uncertain.