Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Apr 05 2013

In Sunny Salford Pt.3

Catching a bit of local sporting action is always a nice way to polish off a weekend, and if there’s one sport Salford is famous for, it’s baseball. What are we on about this time? Well not a lot of people know that local egg-chasers, the Salford City Reds once hung up their gum shields temporarily in favour of America’s greatest sporting export. Suspense! Drama! Complicated rules no one really understood! It was all there. Sadly this lad was a bit late to the dugout, as the Red Devil’s brief dalliance with baseball happened way back in the sepia-toned salad-days of 1935. Luckily we’ve heard that ‘retired baseball coach’ is a big look in Weaste these days, so at least he looked the part.