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Deck~Out by Mike Sallabank •

In Sunny Salford Pt.2

For most people a weekend away is usually made up of the holy trinity of booze, birds and booze. This chap has other ideas though. You may think he’s wearing that jacket as ‘a timeless nod to mod culture’, but fishtail parkas were originally designed so paratroopers were more aerodynamic when falling out of aeroplanes. There aren’t many flight-paths over Salford, but there is a rather large tower block that looms over the precinct, and what better way to spend a Saturday then plummeting at maximum velocity towards Greater Manchester’s premier shopping experience? Continued in No.163

  • Polo Ralph Lauren SS Custom Fit BD Shirt (Orange / Royal Multi Ikat)
  • Norse Projects Valberg Tee Sweat (Marine )
  • Norse Projects Oi Polloi x Norse Projects Oddbergur Parka (Hickory Brown)
  • Edwin ED-71 Slim (Dry 14oz Red Selvage Denim)
  • Sperry Top-Sider CVO (Reverse Out Cement Suede)

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