Oi Polloi


Published: Thu Mar 28 2013

Sir Stretch-a-lot

By day he’s your classic man about town, wandering the aisles of Marks and Spencer’s in his shiny smart shoes hunting down his next seafood salad to douse with mayonnaise. But by night, he’s Sir Stretch-a-lot — Ashton’s premier practitioner of bendy yogic prowess. Full locust? Standing bow? Half-moon pose? He’s done ‘em all, in fact word on the Bikram circuit is he can even touch his toes. You might not be able to tell by his get-up, but he’s actually more flexible than the office hours at Patagonia. We would like to point out that this character is purely fictional and any similarities between this deck-out and a real-life Oi Polloi founder are purely coincidental.