Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Mar 08 2013

Third time’s a charm

Continued from Deck-Out No.150 Like a menswear Goldilocks, he was hoping his third attempt would be just right, third time’s a charm and all that. Jumping off the tram yet again, he was starting to feel like Phil Connors, but there wasn’t time for film references, he had errands to run. To his delight the streets were empty — free of bored policemen and angry football fans — this time it would be a breeze. He walked round the corner only to be greeted by a ball of blue powder flying towards him. He looked up and to his dismay powdered clods of every colour imaginable careened into his white Lee jeans. It was the Hindu festival of Holi of course, and our man had unwittingly walked right into the main event. He ran home, locked his door, put his Beams gym pants on and turned on the T.V.