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Deck~Out by Mike Sallabank •

Stewed Apple and Jacoforms

Remember the film Big where a young lad wakes up to find he’s now living in the body of Forrest Gump? Well let’s imagine it was the other way round… a dignified OAP goes for an afternoon slumber in his conservatory, and after waking for his portion of stewed apple, comes to the realization that he’s now living in the body of 25 year old. He’s still got the Jacoforms and the Ralph Lauren drizzler jacket; he just doesn’t wet himself as much anymore.

  • Jacoform Model 232 (Sand Nubuck)
  • Calabrese Medium Lapari Holdall (Military)
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Saybrook Drizzler Jacket (Italian Ecru)
  • A.P.C. Simple Sweater (Peche)
  • M.H.L. by Margaret Howell Slim Chino (Salt Finish Twill Green )
  • Universal Works Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt (Green Spot Gingham)

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