Oi Polloi


Published: Thu Jun 21 2012

Mr Brown is… Maximilian Penny-Pockets

Have we done a Deck-Out about a millionaire before? What? We have? Well here’s another one for you… most millionaires earn their riches through sound investment, big bonuses or simply by coming up with a genius idea (has anyone patented pre-toasted toast yet?), but this moneybags made his millions by sticking to the mantra, “Look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves.” With super-sharp senses it’s been said that this chap can hear a penny drop a mile off, and it’s rare a day goes by that he doesn’t dive fully clothed into a fountain for a few coppers or is escorted off the premises of Discount Sofa World for systematically rooting down the back of their chesterfields for change (and the odd Fruit Pastille). But don’t expect any Mount Richmore style displays of wealth with this tight-spice, he’s the last person you can expect to foot a bill and yep, that is council pop in his champagne glass. But if he’s such a tight-wad, how can we explain his exquisite Oliver Spencer jacket and Spellbound shirt? The world famous Oi Polloi Sale, that’s how…