Oi Polloi


Published: Thu Jun 21 2012

Mr Brown is… the Blue Hawaiian

Originally destined for a life in the military, this lad’s ‘Carry On’ style antics didn’t go down to well with the old Sergeant and after a nudge and a wink too far was dishonourably discharged (ooh err missus indeed).Settling back into his native Hawaii, he’s now found his calling as Honolulu’s premier bawdy comedian. Fusing the MOR radio-friendly sounds of Jack Johnson with lyrics straight off a seaside postcard this lad’s double, triple and sometimes even quadruple entendres have become a real hit with the holiday crowd. Full disclosure: it has come to our attention that this Deck-Out bears a striking similarity to the story-line of the Elvis Presley day-time TV classic, Blue Hawaii. But we’ve never seen it and we don’t know what you’re talking about…