Oi Polloi


Published: Thu Jun 21 2012

Mr Brown is… The Fan

Engineered Garments cap, Engineered Garments jacket, Engineered Garments bed-covers… yep, it’s fair to say this guy’s developed a bit of an obsession with the designs of ol’ Daiki (not that we can blame him, but maybe he went a bit far when he got a full-size Work Shirt tattooed on his chest, but at least it saves on the laundry). After packing in his job and upping sticks to NYC, this obsessive managed to lure his unsuspecting idol into his poly cotton poplin shrine after leaving a trail of needle-stitching right into his lair. After a quick bit of ‘hobbling’ our Engineered enthusiast now has Dr Suzuki working full time at his nan’s old sewing machine. But like we said before, who can blame him?