Oi Polloi


Published: Fri May 18 2012

Mr Brown is… Lance Corporal

Camouflage wallpaper, referring to his tea as ‘rations’, and ducking and rolling every time a car backfires, Yep, it’s fair to say ol’ Lance here is a bit of a military nut — in fact the only way we could sell him this Woolrich Woolen Mills jacket was by telling him someone was shot in it. He may spend most of his time discussing blunderbuss specifications on internet forums or staying in to watch Channel 4’s mid-afternoon military matinée, but at least his military leanings mean he’s well turned out, it’s just a shame he didn’t pass his entrance exam. Well to be honest, he didn’t turn up; he was too busy bidding on an immaculate set of WW2 placemats.