Oi Polloi


Published: Fri May 04 2012

Mr Stammers is... Designated Dan

Never the most exciting of chaps, Dan had a definite surge in popularity after he tore up the L-plates and was given free reign of the old family car. With his freshly polished Ford Sierra, Casbia leisure-moccasins and Engineered Garments jacket ,suddenly everyone was Dan’s best mate. “Dan, how’s it going? Fancy a trip out to Maccies?” or “Dan, are you awake? I know it’s five in the morning and you’re in bed, but fancy driving us back from the disused aircraft hangar?” they’d say. Not one to deny his ‘mates’ a lift home, it seems he’s got himself in to a bad crowd. In fact last time we saw him some daft cockney was trying to persuade him to drive a Mini Cooper full of gold out of Turin. But if that’s what friends are for…