Oi Polloi


Published: Fri Apr 27 2012

Mr Bodnar is… The Shaman

Much has been said about the whole acid-house thing — who was there, what music was played, what was ingested. But little is said about the casualties; sure, everyone’s heard the one about the man who thinks he’s a glass of orange juice, that’s just a myth, unlike this guy… Once a high-flying accountant, this weekend warrior went on a trip too far whilst listening to a certain Scottish psychedelic electro-pop band on repeat and now he’s convinced he’s the last in a long line of Native American Shaman. Often found wandering around the precinct trying to contact his spirit guide, he may be the local Crazy Horse, but in his Woolrich Woolen Mills anorak and Yuketen moccasins he’s certainly a lot better dressed then most mad-heads around.